Halloween in July? We love it. A new mobile service, Frozen Stiffs, is haunting the residents of Tampa by serving up frozen treats that are to die for. The world’s only ice cream hearse is serving chilled goodies around Tampa Bay. We’ve heard of food trucks but never a food HEARSE. Most ice cream trucks are outdated and pretty much extinct nowadays, so we’re totally here for the spooky vibes.  Catch the hearse selling boozy popsicles, Oreo ice cream bars, classic ice cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, Jolly Rancher pops and more. Frozen treats range from $3-$5 or you can trick your friends with this special treat and book them for a private event!

The 1967 hearse is retrofitted as a novelty ice cream truck with a passenger side service window and a casket freezer. Owner Anthony Lamont is still taking the business off the ground, so follow their Instagram or Facebook for updates on where to find the grim ice cream man.

Tampa is a hot spot for food trucks, do you think Frozen Stiffs will have other business owners rethinking their business model and start serving out of a unique vehicle?