A double decker bus makes its way over Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Great news for those who love to travel to Europe. As of right now the only flights to London from Tampa International Airport have gone to London’s Gatwick Airport. It’s a smaller airport so while it saves time having to connect at a bigger US airport before you hop over the pond, Gatwick is not as convenient as London’s mega airport Heathrow. That’s about to change.

The airport announced this morning that direct service to London’s Heathrow will start on November 3. Virgin Atlantic will be the carrier. They’ll do the flights four times per week to start. And then beginning Thanksgiving week, the flight will be offered daily.

You’ll be able to book flights to Heathrow starting next week on July 13, 2022, according to Virgin’s website. Roundtrip airfare from Tampa to Heathrow will start at 436 pounds… which works out to about $518 US.

4 short daily flights to Orlando and Miami are also being added to the Virgin itinerary.

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