Chris Stapleton says he’s written over one thousand songs, and during an interview with 6o Minutes, when asked how many of those songs were good, Chris replied modestly, “About ten.”

Stapleton also noted in a recent CBS interview that he has no idea a song will be a hit after he writes it. He said, “I don’t think I ever know that. The win is finishing the song.”

He added, “There are a lot of songwriters who will claim that they know [the secret to writing a hit song]. I really think those guys are full of s—-. I don’t think anybody knows that. Like, you can’t possibly know how everybody’s gonna feel about a song that you write. That’s impossible to know.”

Chris said that when it comes to knowing a song is good, it has to be from the people, “I trust people, he noted, and I trust people with taste.”

You can see that Interview HERE.

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