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Would You Go To Rays Games At The Florida State Fairgrounds? Was it 14 years ago the idea of “moving” or even designing The Trop came up? Still, over, and over through the years, nothing. I guess you heard the Ybor option is off the table because a convertible roof requires a bigger stadium that would take up too much of the available space.

Side Bar: Really glad that stupid split season idea with Montreal didn’t work out. No offense.

I get that moving away from the coast would allow for a bigger “circle” of fans to attend easier. Word is now that Twitter is blowing up with talk of locating a stadium at The Florida State Fairgrounds. That’s too far for me. But, OK, go for it.

Some say being at the intersection of I-4 and 75 means it would be easier to get to for most Tampa Bay residents. The Fairgrounds would be a heck of a lot easier for fans out of town in Polk County and Orlando. Tropicana Field is convenient only for those who live on the southern side of Pinellas County. For those of you on the north side near the Howard Frankland, a stadium in Tampa near the casino won’t be a major change in commute time. Will it be a quick and easy drive? No. But nothing is in this town because we won’t have good public transportation in place anytime soon.

14 years later I’m not holding my breath any time “The Rays are moving” or “Looking At New Proposals” is in the news ; ) I like them fine right where they are. In an air conditioned, close to the beach, near cool St Pete downtown stuff, Tropicana Field. Go Rays !