Will Smoking Ban Hit Your Favorite Tampa Area Beach? Butts stink. Does it bother you when you are at the beach and smell cigarette smoke? Or do you like to have a smoke when you’re enjoying the sun and sand? Even if you don’t notice, can we all agree, Butts stink? Of course, not all smokers are going to litter, but we do know that some cigarette butts end up in the water or on the beach. This is not good for the environment, nor is it good for animals, especially if they ingested a cigarette butt.

Smoking can now be banned at cities and counties around our state. Seems like Smoking Ban decisions are a matter of when, not if.

Senator Joe Gruters is in the Florida Republican Party. He is a member of the Florida Senate, and he represents the 23rd District. The 23rd District covers Sarasota County and part of Charlotte County. He fought for this bill. He was also a member of the Florida House of Representatives that advocated for a bill that permits cities and counties to ban cigarettes if they so desire.

Gruters explained, “It’s not only the littering, which is number one item found in these beach clean up days, but it’s the second hand smoke that families have to experience.”

If you’ve traveled to Hawaii, you may have noticed no cigarette smoke in the air along the beaches. Smoking cigarettes is banned there. Sarasota’s Dr. Beach had some thoughts on the ban. “I’m hoping I see Sarasota is stepping up first, but I’m hoping many other Florida communities and areas will make their beaches no smoking.”

We could definitely see other beaches in our Tampa Bay area follow suit. Gruters added, “There’s nothing more disgusting than when you put your hand in the sand, and you pull it out, and you feel that cigarette butt.” Ewwwww!

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