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A Florida Man wishes he remembered to take this at the crime scene!

The Florida Man in this story, Cory Winston, broke into his victim’s Deltona house looking to rob it. The victim resisted and started yelling causing Winston to leave the house. Neighborhood security cameras recorded a man matching his description riding away on a bicycle.

When Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies showed up on the scene, the victim gave them the cell phone that the Florida man left behind! The phone’s home screen photo even showed Winston with his family! Deputies went to Winston’s home 2 miles away. He was still wearing the same clothes that the victim described and the bicycle caught on camera was in his garage.

This is where the story gets interesting. Winston told deputies he was home all day. Deputies then called the phone number that the Florida Man provided and it matched the phone found at the crime scene. Winston changed his story and said his phone was lost at Walmart earlier in the day. Undeterred, the deputies pulled up Winston’s call history and which showed he took a call within an hour of the burglary.

Winston faces charges of burglary with assault/battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, and violation of probation on previous charges of false imprisonment and kidnapping in a domestic incident.

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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