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How ironic is this?  Chris Lane and Launa both caught on ring cameras saving their dogs.

Chris Lane posted a video of his home surveillance cameras of an intense moment at his home when his dogs, Coop and Chloe ran after a skunk.  Chris was yelling at the dogs not to go near the skunk so they wouldn’t get sprayed and he ran after them.  His pregnant wife Lauren stayed back inside on the patio.

This is funny to us because Chris is yelling at his dogs in the same way that Launa was yelling at her dog, Louie, when she encountered snakes on her patio.

J.R. and Kevin made fun of Launa because of the way she was yelling at Louie and it just so happens that Chris Lane is also yelling at his two dogs almost identical to the way Launa was screaming at Louie.

About a month ago, Launa was vacuuming her outdoor patio and saw a snake on her enclosed patio, when she screamed, he dog Louie came out running and saw the snake and went after it.  The video of Launa yelling at Louie to get away from the snakes is hilarious.  Luckily, Launa and Louie were both ok.  Obviously, she ran to the neighbors house for help.  Her neighbor David and his son Vince came over and informed Launa that it wasn’t just one snake, it was actually two.  They took the snakes away and Launa ran to home depot and got 2 large jugs of snake repellent and sprayed it all over her yard and fence to keep anymore snakes from coming in.

Check out the video of Chris Lane running after his dogs and make sure your sound is up.  Just so funny that Chris Lane and Launa both caught on ring cameras saving their dogs.

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