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Monica went on a date with Josh and he noticed that Monica’s purse was packed for the date. Monica hasn’t heard back from Josh since their first date and needs our help finding out why.

They had a dinner date in Clearwater and she told us that he was a gentlemen. He picked her up and they had a nice car ride over to the restaurant. She thought everything went so well, so she is confused as to why he isn’t calling her back.

Their conversation was good and they have a lot in common. She has contacted him after the date through text, but he is only sending one word answers back. Sometimes “K” is all he sends. She likes him and wants to see him again.

When the date ended he drove her back home and basically dropped her off and left. She says that he was in a real rush to leave. Launa thought maybe he had to go to the bathroom and maybe felt awkward, so he left in a hurry to get home.

We got a hold of Josh and he told us that on their ride to the restaurant he noticed something. Monica’s purse was packed for the date and she started pulling out candy. She even had candy while they were at the restaurant.

They had dessert after their dinner and she decided to pass on the dessert. Take a listen to see if this bugged Josh enough that he doesn’t want to go out on another date with Monica.

We know dating is tough and sometimes it can be crazy and that is why Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe is there to help. Every weekday morning at 7:15 we help out to see if we can get them to have a second date. We also find out what happened on the date to cause the person not to call back.



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