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Florida Reckless Driver Was Saving His Own Life. Police saw a car swerving and speeding, so they pulled it over. Why was that out of the ordinary? They’d soon find out about a kidnapped driver.

Martin County sheriff’s deputies witnessed the car driving recklessly. The reckless driver and three passengers were pulled over and asked to step from the car. They were later told they can all go. Three men stepped back to the car, but the driver stayed behind. Why?

With his back to the deputies, he began to make gestures behind his back. With his hand, he simulated a gun firing. The deputies went back to him and he asked them to pretend they were writing a ticket. He was trying to buy some time to tell them he was being kidnapped by the other passengers.

The officers then searched the car and found the guns. The passengers were arrested. What were they up to? Earlier, they had broken into the man’s Port St. Lucie home. They stole cash and kidnapped him to drive two hours to Miami, where they expected to get more money from him.

Source WPBF



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