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Why suffer through a sweltering summer? Beat the Florida heat at Dave & Busters Bed and Breakfast arcade!

It seems that everyone’s favorite place to eat, drink, and play has launched a contest where “Summer is Better in the Great Indoors.” A winner and their guests will spend a weekend in the luxury bed and breakfast suite at their Miami location. Dave & Busters have gone all out with king-size beds, a snack bar, 24-hour concierge service, and a personal chef and bartender!

This sounds like the ultimate weekend getaway for those who want to stay cool and have fun indoors. “The magic of Dave & Buster’s is that we create social connections and lasting memories for so many people; this overnight opportunity is unique in that only a few people will ever get to experience it,” Brandon Coleman III, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP for Dave & Buster’s said in a statement. “The whole idea really speaks to our motto right now that, “Summer is Better in the Great Indoors.” Outdoors has extreme heat waves, murder hornets, and sharks. In fact, the outdoors kind of suck right now. Not D&B, we’re fun and we have tons of new entertainment, food, and beverages to prove it.

If you want to enter the contest, record a 10 second video telling Dave & Busters why summer is better in the Great Indoors, fill out the online form, and upload your video. Enter by July 1st for this escape from the sweltering heat.

Who knows, if this does well, Dave & Busters might turn this Bed and Breakfast thing into a regular deal!

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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