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Garrett and Rachel went to a comedy show for their first date and might not have been the best idea for a first date.

Garrett called us up during the Second Date Update looking for our help trying to get a hold of Rachel.

He told us that they met online and that they both big fans of comedy, so they decided to go to a comedy show for their first date. He called her a few days after the date and she answered and they talked for a little bit, but since that conversation he hasn’t heard from her.

They had a nice conversation of dinner where they talked about family and what they want out of life. Garrett told us that they picked right up where they left off while chatting online before they met in person.

Garrett told us that he made very clear to her that he wanted to see her again.

We called Rachel up to see why she isn’t getting back to him and she told us about something that happened during the comedy show and something Garrett didn’t do.

So, maybe a comedy show show for a first date may not have been the best idea.

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