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Jeff took intimidation to a whole new level on his date with Shannon.

Shannon called us up  for the Second Date Update and told us that she met Jeff online and they went to Cappy’s on their first date. She told us that they laughed and had great conversations throughout the date.

Shannon said that they didn’t talk about ex’s or “future babies”. At the end of the date Jeff walked her to her car and even gave her a hug. She told him that she really wanted to see him again and he said the same thing back to her. He told her that he would reach out to her for a date the following weekend.

Shannon has not heard from him and she reached out to him, but she hasn’t heard anything back from him since then. She can’t think of anything that it could be and she called us up looking for our help getting a hold of Jeff and finding out why he isn’t calling her back.

When we got Jeff on the phone he told us about her job and she talked about her job on the date. Jeff took intimidation to a whole new level on the date.

We know dating is tough and sometimes it can be crazy and that is why Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe is there to help. Every weekday morning at 7:15 we help out to see if we can get them to have a second date. We also find out what happened on the date to cause the person not to call back.



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