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This story is crazy because a dog causes driver to get a ticket. Yes, a dog.  I didn’t even know this was a thing.  This happened in Louisiana to Eric Champagne and he ranted on Facebook about his story.  He kept asking “How can that be a law that your dog is buckled in? Where does it say that the dog needs a seatbelt?”

I have the same questions?

He was shopping in a store when the officer walked up to him and gave him the ticket, someone “told the cop they saw him swerving and that his dog wasn’t buckled up”  He was ticketed for careless operations and no seatbelt for the dog.  The officer didn’t even see him, this is from a civilian who claims they saw him. So his dog causes this driver to get a ticket.

His dog is a French bulldog named Rebel. Eric kept his mouth shut, took the ticket and called a lawyer.  He plans on fighting this in court and the ticket he received was an expensive one, ranging $300 – $400 dollars.

I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I looked it up and there is not law in Florida that says you can get a ticket for not having a seat belt on your dog.  My dog Louie drives around with me all the time, and I never put a seat belt on him.  He does ride in the back because I know it is safer for him in the back then in the front seat.

It’s important in this heat that you never leave your dog in the car in Florida because it can heat up way too quickly and can be fatal for your dog.

Dogs love riding in cars, but who knew that a dog would cause a driver to get a ticket.

You can read more of the story from WFLA.com