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Everyone’s complaining about how high the temperatures have gotten. Well you can beat the Florida heat with these hot weather tips from TECO.

Air conditioners all over Tampa Bay have been working overtime with this heat wave that has put a stranglehold on Florida. Of course the more your AC runs, the more power it uses, the higher your electric bill. By doing a few simple things, you can stay cool and save money:

  1. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. Every degree below 78 will increase the AC portion of your bill by 6-7%. Purchasing a programmable thermostat will make this easy.
  2. Check or replace AC and ventilation filters every month.
  3. Have your HVAC systems inspected and serviced once a year.
  4. Run your ceiling fans in occupied rooms only.
  5. Turn off unnecessary lighting. Install compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs). They last longer than incandesecent bulbs and don’t generate much heat.
  6. Shade windows to block summer sun or install reflective material on east and west-facing windows.
  7. Make sure your attic is adequately insulated.
  8. Limit running pool pumps to eight hours per day.
  9. Turn off unused computers and monitors. Unplug electronics, gadgets and chargers. Don’t let them become vampire electric devices.
  10. Lower you water heater’s thermostat setting to 120 degrees and turn off if away from home for more than 2 days.

Stay cool with these hot weather tips and see the savings in your monthly electric bill.

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay/TECO]

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