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Dredging Project Finally May Happen At John’s Pass. The sandy beach at John’s Pass is fun for kids, fishermen, and a nice walk after visiting one of the great restaurants. Only problem, the sand does not belong there. And, it’s dangerous. If you’ve ever paddle boarded through there, you know that current is strong, and extra strong during changing tides. Swimmers who wander in to the water have found that out the hard way.

Not to mention the danger of passing boats who are navigating an ever shrinking channel. It’e been years, but those same strong currents have dumped tons of sand along the sides of the pass, blocking drains, and endangering marine life also competing with boats of all sizes.

The latest state budget signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis includes $1.5 Million for dredging John’s Pass. If we can get through all the red tape. As the city and county bicker back and forth about what sand goes where, it may be a few months before dredging begins. At the very least it will wait til after Turtle Season which would end in October.

Source TBT

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