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Florida Man Attempts To Flee Country On A Jet Ski. Everybody loves a good, cool, jet ski run, right? Fun way to cool down while kicking your adrenaline into overdrive. According to investigators, a Florida man used his jet ski to attempt an escape out of the U.S. to Cuba.

Ernesto Cruz Graveran is a 54-year-old man who was recently accused of committing fraud to the tune of about $4 million dollars. Police say the man is charged with submitting fraudulent health care claims. Authorities say the man filed false claims through his company without providing services to substantiate the cases. Investigators say the man received checks for over $2 million dollars in one check alone this year.

This time, Florida Man, Graveran was picked up on his broken jet ski south of Key West. They say he was riding on the watercraft with a known smuggler of people in and out of the U.S. The man was only 90 miles away from his destination. The jet ski had been fitted with extra fuel tanks for long trips, as well as food wand water. The man will remain in custody until his court appearance.


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