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It’s the little things that put a smile on our face! Rejoice Tampa Bay because Jack And Coke in a can is coming!

Coca-Cola and Brown-Forman Corporation, the parent company of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, announced the partnership. They even made a snazzy video to promote this perfect duo in a can coming to market:

Now to the important info. According to the company, the alcohol beverage volume (ABV) is expected to be about 5%, but that will vary by country and market. Jack And Coke in a can will be available in both regular and zero-sugar options. Mexico will be the first market for this perfect duo of refreshment. Why Mexico? A Brown-Forman spokesperson said that “both brands are popular there and the country has a well-developed ready-to-drink market.” U.S. distribution should occur sometime in 2023. That gives us plenty of time to make room in the fridge for the cans!

[SOURCE: News Channel 8/CNN]

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