Sam Hunt revealed that his wife Hannah gave birth to their baby girl Lucy Lu recently, although he did not say what day she was born.

Sam shared the news while performing at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last night (6/7) for the Stars For Second Harvest charity concert. Hunt said while the crowd cheered, “I recently had a baby girl named Lucy Lu.”

He added, “I think being out here, and in the music business and being out on the road, has sort of hardened my heart. My heart’s definitely a lot harder in a lotta ways since I left that small town. It’s amazing how that little girl melted that all away overnight a couple of weeks ago.”

Sam also told the crowd, “I’ve been filled with a lot of gratitude these past couple of weeks, and I just want to say up here on the Ryman stage how grateful I am to have been a part of country music for the last ten years.”

His wife Hannah filed for divorce early this year but has since rescinded, and the couple is still married.

Sam Hunt