In between touring, making music, acting, and his hefty workouts, which he does daily, Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill love to binge-watch TV.

Tim told us what his favorite shows are. “Well, Succession‘s probably my favorite show on TV. We love Yellowstone as well, but Succession I really, really love. But the last thing we binge-watched that we fell in love with – we’d heard about it and heard about it and put off watchin’ it – was Ted Lasso.”

He added, “I’m not a big comedy guy, so I was sort of afraid to watch it. But besides the comedy, there was so much heart to that show and so much wisdom to that show that I really fell in love with it and certainly fell in love with Jason Sudeikis’ character. He’s just such a likable guy. But we’re always looking for somethin’ to binge-watch. There’s nothing better than sittin’ on the couch all day on a rainy day with the fireplace going and watching 10 episodes of somethin’.”

McGraw posted his tour workout on Instagram this week. He captioned the video clip, “No days off…. til it starts hailing.”

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