Tim McGraw took his Twitter after yesterday’s (5/24) Texas school shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children. In a lengthy note on Twitter, Tim wrote, “I cannot even fathom the pain the families in Uvalde are feeling. To me, this isn’t about political sides, personal freedoms, or beliefs. We as human beings need to realize that we have a disease that needs recognition, a treatment, and a cure. I’m not intelligent enough to know what that cure is, but I am intelligent enough as most people are that we must have unbiased dialogue and action about what / how to work toward a solution.”

He continued, “Divisive rhetoric has done zero to help this problem – it’s only made it worse. For one minute, let’s set aside our idealistic views and concentrate on the kind of world we want our children to grow up in. This sort of tragedy has become far too common, far too acceptable. This shouldn’t have been acceptable 20 years ago, 4 years ago, or one week ago. This SHOULD NOT be accepted. This is not normal.”

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