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NOAA Predict Above Average Hurricane Season For The 7th Year In A Row. Surprise. No surprise.  I know we all get used to it every year. What I don’t want, is for use to be comfortable, and not prepared. As always NOAA cites several factors to the increase in activity. The top 3 usual suspects.  1. La Nina. 2. Above average sea temps. 3. Weaker trade winds in the tropics.

NOAA says we should see 19 named storms with 9 hurricanes including 4 major hurricanes. I got my plywood, I got my gas cans. I got my generator. If you’ve lived her as long as I have, you’ve either used them, or lent them to neighbors, family, or friends at some point.

Common sense tells us all to prepare. Storm. No storm. Who cares? What we do care about is being ready. If you’ve been without power for a few weeks you get me, right?  For those who insist it “can’t hit me”, I’ll remind you Hurricane Ida hit 9 states, and 7 of them said the same thing.

Our Hurricane season starts June 1 and runs (or blows) through November 30th. Might be a good time to review your hurricane kit . Also know the disaster preparedness sales tax holiday runs May 28 through June 10th.

Stay safe!

Hurricane Names For Hurricane Season 2022

  • Alex

  • Bonnie

  • Colin

  • Danielle

  • Earl

  • Fiona

  • Gaston

  • Hermine

  • Ian

  • Julia

  • Karl

  • Lisa

  • Martin

  • Nicole

  • Owen

  • Paula

  • Richard

  • Shary

  • Tobias

  • Virginie

  • Walter