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Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe talked to Walker Hayes about a new book that wrote with his neighbor.  Craig Cooper is Walker’s neighbor and we talked to them about their new book Glad You’re Here. Craig is the inspiration behind the song “Craig”.

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5 Ways To Avoid Extra Airline Fees At Tampa International Airport

  • Know Your Airline And Airfare Class First

    Budget airlines such as Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, or Allegiant Air often have the cheapest seats. That is until you start adding up the fees for the services and amenities they offer. Your cheap seat can go up in cost quickly.

    Other airlines have different fare classes. The cheaper the fare class you are in, the more fees that you will have to pay.

    Just remember that cheap airline ticket might be too good to be true. You can use Google Flights or the Kayak app and use the bag filter to see the cost of your flight plus fees for one checked bag and carry-on.

  • Fly With An Airline That Doesn't Charge Certain Fees

    Do your research to see what airlines charge fees. On Southwest Airlines, for example, your first two bags are free and you’re allowed one bag and one personal item for carry-on. What’s also cool about Southwest is that they don’t charge flight change or cancellation fees. 

  • Use An Airline Credit Card

    Airline credit cards come with perks like a free checked bag. Also they usually don’t have annual fees.

    Before you sign up for an airline credit card, make sure you know the terms of the card. Remember that applying for a credit card can temporarily affect your credit score. Also if you end up not using the card much and close that account, that could also lower your score.

  • Use The Travel Benefits Of Your Credit Card

    Some credit cards offer some great travel perks so take advantage of them! Not only is the American Express Platinum card impressive, it offers an annual $200 airline fee credit for one airline that you choose every year and it covers incidental fees such as checked bags. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has a $300 travel credit per year. 

    Credit card companies offer multiples of total points when you use your card for travel purchases as well.

  • Use The Perks Of An Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

    If you’re a frequent flyer and enrolled in an airlines frequent flyer program, see what perks they offer. Some programs offer a free checked bag or the waiving of other fees for members who qualify.