Mutt Monday

Rusty is our Mutt Monday dog this week. RUT ROW!  Cute-O-Meter Alert! Look out world, here comes Rusty! Rusty is an 11 week old, 15 pound All American bundle of energy. He loves to play with people, toys, blankets, dogs…you get the idea. Thank you to foster pawrents Sue & Scott L. for fostering Rusty until he was old enough for adoption.

Loved Meeting QYK Family At Miranda Lambert Show

  • Miranda Was Incredible. Hit, After Hit, After Hit.

    Miranda Lambert

  • QYK Fam

    QYK Fam

  • Little Big Town. Another Long List Of Hit Songs

    Little Big Town

  • QYK Fam

    QYK Fam

  • Mini Miranda Concert ALSO a Sellout ; )

    QYK Fam Sing Along

  • Tampa Bay's Morning Crew JR Launa & Kevin

    Tampa Bay's Morning Crew

  • Huge Crowd Ready For The Show

    Huge Crowd