This combination photo illustration shows a partial lunar eclipse on August 28, 2007 in Chongqing Municipality, China. The spectacle was visible in most parts of China and some countries in Southeast Asia today. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

If you are one of those who love to look to the skies during astronomical events, tonight’s a special night for you. A total lunar eclipse will provide some entertainment over the skies of Florida, but have the caffeine ready. Here are the 4 things to know…

Will we be able to see it clearly in Florida?
NASA says the eastern half of the United States will get to see every stage of the eclipse.  Being as far south as we are, we should have the best view in the country of it.

What IS a lunar eclipse?
It’s when the sun, Earth and moon align just so that moon passes into the Earth’s shadow.

What time does it happen?
It’ll start just after 10pm. They say the moon will turn red (a “blood moon”) about a half hour later. It’ll be in full eclipse at about 11:30 with the peak happening just after midnight. The eclipse will be over by 3AM.

What if it gets cloudy?
It shouldn’t. The weather forecast for tonight calls for clear to partly cloudy skies in the Tampa area. But if you don’t live in Florida or clouds do block your view, you can watch a live stream here.

Lunar Eclipse Photos from around the World…



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