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Summertime in Florida can really rough on man’s best friend. Here’s how to help prevent your dogs from getting heat-related injuries.

Alyssa Comroe, the Director of Veterinary Medicine at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League gave some insight on what she has seen when canines got too hot. “Overheating can lead to organ failure,” Comroe said. “It can cause organs to shut down. It can cause death. Some dogs, no matter how hot and uncomfortable they are, they’re going to keep going. So it’s really up to us to look at them and be like ‘I think it’s time we take a break.’

Since we live in Florida, heat exhaustion is a real concern for our pets. Here are some signs to look out for: panting heavily, stumbling, loss of color and lethargy. “One of the best ways to prevent your pets from heat exhaustion is making sure to avoid the hottest time of the day for walks,” Comroe said. Take your dog for a walk either early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening. Also, don’t forget that the ground can be hotter than the air temperature. Asphalt and sand can reach triple-digit temps. Even artificial turf can get very hot and burn your pup’s feet. Its best to walk your dog in a shaded area, specifically over grass.

If your dog does show signs of heat exhaustion, here’s what to do: cool your dog as quickly as possible and to avoid giving ice or really cold water to the dog because it can shock the dog’s system because of the quick temperature change.

Just a few things to do to keep our dogs from getting heat-related injuries as the temperatures rise in Florida.

[SOURCE ABC 25 News]

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