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Amazon driver, Asani Anderson, was dropping off a package for a Lakeland girl who is battling cancer and he also left her an uplifting message. Aubrey Hutson has stage 4 cancer and there are signs that say, “Hope for Aubrey” and “Aubrey will win” in the yard.

Anderson saw the signs and decided to add his own message of hope. He wrote in chalk on the driveway, “Amazon is praying for Aubrey. Luv You!” “I just said ‘I’m about to write this message and I know it’ll warm someone’s heart,’” he says. He was right. It warmed a lot of hearts.

Aubrey’s mom, Lindsey, saw Anderson’s message and shared the story of his kindness on TikTok, where it’s gone viral. Aubrey said, “I felt amazed. Someone I don’t know knows me.”

[SOURCE: WFLA Newschannel 8]



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