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Talk about a house divided! At a home in Clearwater, Toronto-native parents have made their Tampa Bay Lightning fan son live outside!

The NHL Playoffs have started along with all the trash-talking. 23 years ago, the Saul family moved from Toronto to Tampa Bay but they always remained Maple Leafs fans. “Toronto Maple Leafs, it’s just in our blood,” Stacey Saul said. “I think Tampa is definitely a hockey town, but they’re not Toronto.

However that love for the Leafs did not transfer to their 17 year-old son Logan. He is a Lightning fan through and through. We’re talking about a passion for the Bolts. “You got to show everybody that you’re the champions,” said Logan. “The best team in the league. Nobody expected it out of Florida.

There is no room for this kind of rivalry in the Saul household. As a joke, mom and dad moved Logan’s room to the front lawn! “He can have his team, we can have ours,” Saul said. “But we pay the mortgage and yeah, we’re older than him. I gave birth to him.

Logan took the move like a pro and even watched the first game of the playoffs outside. After the Bolts lost the first game, mom felt bad for Logan and let him sleep inside for the night.

We wonder how far the Saul family hockey drama will go. Logan said that when the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Leafs in this round of the playoffs, there will be “a lot of bragging” and he definitely thinks his parents will owe him a “big apology.”

All we have to say is: GO BOLTS!!!!!


[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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