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Kid from Gaither High School posts through the roof 11.84GPA breaking record. I love this story on every level.

First,  he’s a home town kid. His name is Dylan Mazard, and he’s a senior at Gaither High in the Northdale area of Hillsborough County. Looks like Dylan is hooked up at MIT. Shocking, right?

On another level, you have this brilliant and kind young man who helps tutor other students while taking on as many as 14 classes in one semester? Wait, what? Dylan stacked up high school credits (Using Florida Virtual School) while in the 6th grade. Then (are you sitting?) Dylan continued popping off straight A’s in Hillsborough College Credits while he was in 8th grade.

Finally, an old saying. “Oak Trees Come From Oak Trees”. Dylan says his parents encouraged him to realize his “full” potential by not settling for mediocrity. Dylan’s dad (a guidance counselor at Gaither High School btw) preached the “being a community civil servant” message as well. He’s already a leader. Read the full story from Sean Daly HERE This kid, will be an Oak Tree. Congratulations Dylan! Can only imagine how proud the other Oak Trees are ; ) Tampa Bay is proud of you too!

Source: ABC Action News


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