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Police Say Florida man arrested for shooting man walking dog on golf course. A man in Delray Beach, Florida was arrested after police say he shot and beat him with a golf club.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an apparent shooting at King’s Point Golf and Country Club Sunday afternoon. Apparently, the victim was walking his dog on the course at the time. That’s when a 74-year-old man approached the victim in a golf cart and shot him in the ankle, police say.

Reports also say the man, later identified as Robert Levine, took a golf club and wacked the man several times while he was on the ground. What? I HOPE he triple bogied the hole!

Police say they found Levine with a gun in his pocket. This Florida man arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder with a firearm, aggravated battery, and firing a firearm in a public property.

Source: NewsChannel8


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