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This definitely wasn’t one of the menu choices! A Florida bride and caterer were busted for spiking wedding guest’s food with pot!

This incident happened back in February when a bunch of people at a Longwood, Florida wedding started feeling sick, even stoned. Seminole County first responders arrived on the scene and found several guests complaining of stomach pains and vomiting. One person wanted to be transported to the hospital because he was “feeling weird” and stated he felt like he “had drugs inside him.” Another guest said she suspected the food she ate was “laced with possible cannabis.” Deputies noted that two guests were too incoherent to give written statements.

Seminole County Sheriff’s deputies spoke to the bride, Danya Glenny, and asked her if she had consented to or requested any of the food to contain cannabis products. Glenny denied any pot in the food. Deputies collected food items as evidence to be tested for marijuana. Some of the food items collected were chocolate-covered strawberries,  pudding shots, cookies, brownies, and lasagna.

It seems that the CSI crew at Seminole County found some evidence of pot because the Florida bride and the caterer, Jocelyn Bryant, were arrested. They now face charges of tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana.

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