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It’s official! The world’s oldest dog lives in Florida and has a unique connection to country music!

According to Guinness, the oldest living dog on the planet resides in Greenacres, Florida. The 21 year-old chihuahua and his owner Gisela Shore have been the toast of the town. “I thought it was fun and thrilling,” Shore said. “Now there’s been so many people calling and congratulating me, it’s pretty awesome.” What was Shore’s secret to her pup’s longevity? Exercise, a good diet and plenty of love.

By the way, if you’re wondering what’s connection the world’s oldest dog has to country music, well it’s his name: Toby Keith! Yes, he is names after the one and only Toby Keith! “I thought it would be funny,” Shore said. “I’ve been a fan of Toby Keith forever, and when I adopted this little guy, I thought how funny that I would name a three-pound chihuahua Toby Keith for a country artist that’s 6’4“.”

No word if Toby Keith called to congratulate his namesake on being the world’s oldest dog.

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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