Dolly Parton is well-known as a fantastic cook. Dolly even released some cake mix through Duncan Hines recently to show off her baking skills in the form of Coconut and Banana Pudding cakes.

Parton used to do a lot of cooking for her Goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, but as she told Insider, she doesn’t do that much anymore. She offered, “Miley and I both love Southern food, like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a big ol’ hunk of cornbread — making cornbread muffins or a big pan of it with the squares.”

She added, “Miley’s trying to watch what she eats now — she’s gone through a lot of phases of being vegetarian or being vegan or whatever. But in the earlier days, or when her defenses are down, we still eat that good ol’ food like meatloaf. I haven’t cooked for Miley in a long time because she’s a little more picky now than I am.”

Dolly also did some cooking for her co-stars when they were working on the 1980 movie 9 to 5. Parton said, “We would be at different houses at different times rehearsing, and every time they’d come to my house, I would make Southern food. And Lily (Tomlin), of course, is from the South, so she loved the food.”

As for Jane Fonda, Parton revealed, “That’s when Jane was doing her workout videos and all that, and Lily and I ate more of my food than she did. But she said, ‘Oh, that looks so good, that looks so good! I’ll just taste a little bit; I’ll taste a little bit.'”

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