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Beach cleaning Robot to hit Pinellas County shores. Check this thing out!

New help is coming in to keep our Pinellas beaches beautiful, and it’s going to do the work on its own! It’s like a Giant, Solar Powered, Electric, Cleaning, Sea Turtle!

Keep Pinellas Beautiful has brought in a robot called the ‘BeBot‘. It has one job, and that’s to clean beaches. It’ll go through sand and remove what isn’t supposed to be there, like plastic and other trash. It’s built by Poralu Marine, a manufacturer of marine technology.

Another reason the BeBot is so good is that it runs on solar power so it’s completely electric. It also runs quietly as it sifts through the sand and collects trash. It’s controlled by remote control, and can also be used to carry beach chairs and even to level sand. The Pinellas beaches were already considered some of the best, now they can become some of the cleanest. Thanks to our Beach Cleaning Robot!

[Source: 4Ocean]

Quick And Easy Top Road Trip Vacation Destinations For Tampa Bay Drivers

  • 1. Clearwater Beach:

    The Pinellas County beaches have lots of options from the bustle of Clearwater to the more serene Indian Rocks Beach.
    Clearwater Beach

  • 2. The Most Obvious, And Possibly Expensive: Walt Disney World And Universa

    Orlando area theme parks at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. The tourist mecca of central Florida has seemingly anything you’d like to do. Add in Sea World Orlando and Legoland and there’s something for every age group.


  • 3. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:

    Some history, some technology, all coolness. If you plan the trip right, you might even be lucky enough to witness a rocket launch.

    Kennedy Space Center

  • 4. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park:

    Yes, it’s still there and so is the famous mermaid show!

  • 5. Cedar Key:

    It’s a small community on the Gulf of Mexico where you can find yourself enjoying getting away from the ‘big city’ and enjoy some of the best clam chowder in the country. We’re looking at you, Tony’s!

  • 6. Silver Springs State Park:

    You can enjoy looking through the crystal clear waters from a glass-bottom boat. Bring the family to go canoeing or kayaking through the springs.

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