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What ever happened to that $500,000 Tom Brady Football? You remember, the Last pass? After Tom Brady announced his retirement back in January, the football used in the then final-touchdown pass became so much more valuable.

It sold at an auction for $518,000 on March 12. But it wasn’t the final football for too long, because Tom Brady announced his “un-retirement” on March 13. This made the selling point of the ball practically worthless. So what happened to the purchase?

According to ESPN, the transaction has become null and void. Lelands Auctions announced on Thursday that the buyer, consigner, and auction house reached an agreement to nullify the purchase of the Tom Brady Football. Luckily for the buyer, Brady didn’t announce another retirement after his “unretirement” so all parties decided to void the auctioned ball. So, they Deflated it? The sale, I mean.


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