One of the highlight performances of the CMT Music Awards on Monday night (4/11) was when Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd sang a song together called “I Can’t Love You Anymore” from Maren’s new Humble Quest album.

Doing interviews this week for his own album, Ryan told Taste of Country that a duets album from the couple is not out of the question. He offered, “She brought it up the other day. We were listening to the radio, and she was like, ‘If we ever did a record together, I’d want this guy to produce it’ … So, it was the first time that she ever brought it up.”

Hurd likes the idea, “I think it’d be fun. I think people would enjoy that. We’ve talked about the idea of it. I don’t think there’s any solid plans yet to do something like that, but hey, I guess it would count toward both of our record deals to do an album together, so we might as well.”

The couple does have the material to get it done. Ryan said, “We could record an album tomorrow and have it out in two weeks. We’ve written so many songs together over the years and so many great ones that no one’s ever heard that, at least, I love. It wouldn’t be hard to put something together.”

Ryan and Maren