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Visitor from UK wanted to catch a shark. Got amazing giant beast instead. Happened over on the Space Coast in April.  Ian Atherton from the UK said he wanted to tangle with one of the oceans predators and put “catch (and release) a shark” on his bucket list. He didn’t get a shark. He DID get a giant, distant cousin. Even more rare, and maybe a little, or a lot cooler?

Ian hired a shark fishing boat 1/2 day trip. He put out the oily chunk bluefish that usually attracts sharks from far away. What he caught looked like something from another planet. It looked like he caught a giant Hedge Trimmer like you see at Home Depot.  Actually it was, a Rostrum, or Saw Fish. He was big! The SAW alone can measure as much as four to five feet. Saw fish are more closely related to a Stingray than a Shark. And, get this. They swim in to schools of small fish and swing their saw back and forth quickly knocking and stunning the fish, who fall to the ocean floor. Then they scoop and eat the with a mouth (like a stingray) off the bottom. Just like a seagoing hedge trimmer?

Back to our shark hunting fisherman. He set the Sawfish free without removing it from the water, and it swam off to trim someone else’s hedges.  Was he disappointed that he did not catch a shark? Not so much ; )

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