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Another day, another story that makes you scratch your head. A Florida Man impersonated a police officer to get a discount at Wendy’s!

For two years, this Florida Man, Jesse David Stover, has been going to this Wendy’s in Bunnell and demanding a and getting a law enforcement discount. He would show a gold-colored badge and say he worked for the DEA as an undercover agent.

When Stover tried to get the discount the other day, the Wendy’s employee asked him to show law enforcement ID. Instead, Stover the flashed his badge. The Wendy’s employee denied the discount and that started an arguement in the restaurant.

Bunnell Police showed up and started talking to Stover, the employee, and a customer. Officers found that the badge this Florida Man was using for his law enforcement discount was actually a concealed weapon permit badge! Stover was arrested and charged with falsely impersonating an Officer.

[SOURCE Fox 35]

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