Miranda Lambert’s latest song, “Actin’ Up,” is an ode to being a bit bad and being yourself. Miranda says of the new irreverent tune, “‘Actin’ Up’ felt right for the first song because it sort of eases you in to this like journey because you’re like, what are we doing here? You know what I mean? ‘Mirror mirror on the saddle hear my rhinestones rattle’ catches my ear.’ And I thought, let’s get people in like from the first note, the first line of songs, especially the first line of a record. That’s important; you can lose people quickly, you know? So, I always try to put something that’s like; I would want somebody to go start that over. What are we doing here?”

She adds, “There are some freak flags flying; that’s a mouthful for a Texan. There’s a lot of that on this record. I mean, it’s like this record is about being who we are and meeting these people that were like, weirdos unite. Love that.”

Lambert posted a clip of the song on Instagram. She wrote. “This one’s about being a little s—.

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