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Two Men charged for Spring Break Florida beach town takeover attempt. They were accused of encouraging and inciting a riot in a Florida beach town through social media. You’ve heard how crazy things got in Miami Beach recently. This took place in the Florida Panhandle as social media influencers with the help of others promoted a “PANAMANIAC” event on Facebook and other social platforms according to authorities. Looks like they arrested more than 160 people during a crazy wild weekend that quickly got out of hand in Panama City Beach.

The 20 year old, and 25 year old men were arrested Thursday at their homes in Alabama. Was not clear whether they had lawyered up yet.

Heads Up Floridians. Other “takeover” spring break events are reportedly planned later this month already circulating on social media. Sheriff’s officials in the panhandle’s Walton and Okaloosa Counties  said they will NOT tolerate lawlessness in that part of  the panhandle. No beach town takeover allowed!

Source TBT


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