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Be the ultimate Sherlock Holmes couch potato because you can get paid $2400 to watch 24 hours of true crime documentaries!

Magellan TV is looking for a super sleuth to stream 32 of their programs and document them on social media. It’s like living your dream job of being a private investigator without leaving your home! Here are the 32 docs that you’ll get to view:

  • “Murder Maps: The Bermondsey Horror”
  • “Murder Maps: The Brides in the Bath Killer”
  • “Murder Maps: In the Shadow of Jack”
  • “Lady Killers: Amelia Dyer”
  • “Lady Killers: Elizabeth Bathory”
  • “The White Widow”
  • “10 Steps to Murder: Peter Morgan”
  • “10 Steps to Murder: Isabella Gossling”
  • “The Writer With No Hands”
  • “Murder of Lee Irving”
  • “What Happened to Holly Barlett?”
  • “Nurses Who Kill: Karen Pedley”
  • “Nurses Who Kill: Paul Novak”
  • “Murder on the Internet: Fatal Targeting”
  • “Murder on the Internet: Social Media Menaces”
  • “21st Century Killer: Shawn Grate”
  • “21st Century Killer: Donna Perry”
  • “Body Snatchers of New York”
  • “The Alps Murders”
  • “Nightclub Killer”
  • “The Family Who Vanished”
  • “Finding Leigh”
  • “Parachute Murder Plot”
  • “Deep Water”
  • “Mistress Mercy: Bound by Guilt”
  • “Mistress Mercy: Breaking Free”
  • “Great Bank Heists”
  • “Behind Bars: Tent City Jail, Phoenix, Arizona”
  • “Behind Bars: Miami Dade County Jail Boot Camp”
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Darknet”
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Heists”
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Scams”

That’s a lot of mystery and murder  to digest in 24 hours but Magellan will reward you. You’ll get paid $2400 to watch all of these crime documentaries. Not a bad payday for a day’s work!

Apply here and make sure you bring your own magnifying glass and fingerprint kit!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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