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A day on the water turned into a day of shock and panic for these boaters. The passengers on board had to jump to safety as a Florida drawbridge started to crush their boat!

It might have been a great place to stop their pontoon boat and hang out. The area where the boat’s occupants chose was under the Cato’s Bridge in Jupiter, Florida. All was good until the bridge began to open for a sailboat. That’s when the bridge’s machinery began to push on the side of the pontoon boat and started to crush it. The passengers had to jump into the water to avoid getting injured.

The bridge tender was not aware of the presence of the pontoon boat under the bridge. Thankfully nobody was hurt in this Florida drawbridge incident. It seems that instead of going through the main channel, the pontoon boat went under part of the bridge near the edge of the waterway. That area has signs posted stating “Unauthorized personnel prohibited,” “Danger: Moving Machinery,” and “No Trespassing; Violators Will Be Prosecuted.” 

[SOURCE News Channel 8/Fox 13/WSVN]

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