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Pasco school buses may leave 3,000 students standing on the corner. It’s all about recruiting new drivers, and keeping them. That’s a problem for Pasco County schools. Officials have been trying to solve the “late bus” and “driver shortage” problem for months. Now, a solution. What they call “unfunded busing” will be cut for good. Similar happened in Hillsborough County in 2017.

Now, for Pasco kids,  that means, for 2023 Pasco school buses leave 3,000 students standing on the corner. Many will have to hike the 2 miles to school. Are the walking routes safe? Sidewalks? Lot’s of questions. Officials say they’re trying to give parents a “heads up” as they continue to work on the plan. Pasco will cut 89 drop offs and pick ups and may expand latest pickups to 10am. Parents will push back on that as others say they have become too reliant on schools for transportation and day care.

Cynthia Armstrong of the Pasco School board says, “It’s not something we would like to do, But it’s something we really need to do, to provide the bus runs in an effective manner.”

Source TBT

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