Cole Swindell has a new song called “Stereotype,” and while he was promoting the new music in a video he posted to Instagram, he had a bit of a misstep jumping on to sit on a dumpster and then falling through it.

In the video, Cole runs and jumps onto a random dumpster, and the black lid gives sending him into the dumpster. Swindell says, “Whoops,” and then a bleep. He wrote on the clip, “Found a random dumpster… decided why not play the song fo the entire parking lot… sitting on a dumpster?” As he falls through the dumpster, he writes, “Did not expect that. That was a close one.” Embarrassed, he says in the video, “Play the song.”

After the mishap, he goes to fix the lid on the dumpster, writing, “In other good news, didn’t break it.”