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Wondering why Tampa Bay smelled like smoke this morning? The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag warning for the Tampa Bay area. That means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring or are expected to occur soon.

The counties affected are: Citrus, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, and Sarasota.

The warning is in effect today from 2PM to 7PM and people in the affected areas should be sure to limit any outdoor burning, especially during those hours.

What prompted this warning? A combination of strong winds, low humidity, and warm temperatures. Gee, just like the weather we are experiencing right now!

Starting on Thursday, higher humidity and chances of rain will lower the threat of wild fires.

So Tampa Bay residents will be smelling less smoke by tomorrow and into the weekend.

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay/News Channel 8]

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