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Leave it to one of America’s favorite eating establishments to help save you money! Denny’s is fighting inflation with their “Endless Breakfast” special.

Denny’s just started this promotion, for dine-in customers only, where they will get “endless” servings of buttermilk pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, and hash browns for the base price of only $6.99 per order (or $8.99 in select states). You can add unlimited bacon or sausage for an additional 99 cents (or $1.49 depending on location).

In a press release, Denny’s explained the reason for the “endless breakfast:”

As inflation reaches historic levels and Americans face rising prices at gas pumps and sticker shock at supermarket checkouts, America’s Diner is offering Americans what they are so desperately seeking right now — value for their money — with the launch of a newEndless Breakfastpromotion.

They also state that this promotion is a breakfast lover’s dream come true…and we believe it! The “Endless Breakfast” is scheduled to run through June 21st, so head to Denny’s for some inflation-busting eats!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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