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An orphaned dolphin got a free flight to Florida so he can enjoy the rest of his life in the Sunshine State.

No, Ranger the dolphin isn’t the newest snowbird. Ranger was rescued in June 2021 when he was found at Goose Island State Park in Texas. The young dolphin was suffering from an underlying respiratory infection and dehydration. Thankfully Ranger made a full recovery but since he was so young, he didn’t have the necessary skills to survive in the wild.

Ranger needed a home where he could live out the rest of his life. The Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys is one of those places. The question was how to get Ranger from the Texas State Aquarium Rescue Center in Corpus Christi, Texas to Florida? That’s where Jet ICU, a Tampa-based company which specializes in air ambulance services, comes into play. Jet ICU stepped up and gave Ranger the dolphin a free flight to his new Florida home. That kind of transport usually costs about $30,000!

According to the Dolphin Research Center, Ranger is doing well in his new home and will soon be introduced to his new dolphin friends.

[SOURCE 10 Tampa Bay]

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