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NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 25: 82nd Annual Academy Awards - "Meet The Oscars" New York at the Time Warner Center on February 25, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

A veterinarian App called Pawp has pledged that each time the movie “The Power Of The Dog” is mentioned at the Oscars they will make a donation.

What a great idea!

So each time “The Power of the Dog” is verbally mentioned during the Oscars on Sunday the app will donate $10-thousand to animal rescues up to one million bucks.

Pawp is a 24/7 service app for cat and dog owners, who can pay $24 monthly for coverage of up to six pets in order to have on-demand access to licensed veterinarians through Pawp’s telehealth platform.

Pawp’s CEO said:  “While ‘Power of the Dog’ has nothing to do with dogs, Pawp is thrilled that it is the most nominated film, guaranteeing pups in need will be this year’s true winners.”

The film is nominated for 12 Oscars, more than any other movie…..so there is a good chance they could get a lot of money – there is at least 12 mentions right there!!!

I love it when people help animals in need, especially when they are in shelters!

Source: Variety