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Drew called us up looking for our help because he hasn’t heard back from Anna after their date. Drew felt confident that there would be a second date, but se hasn’t called him back. We got a hold of Anna to find out what happened.



GIF Creator Dies: These Are The Best GIFs of All Time

  • It's All Good

  • Crying

  • Party

  • Yes

  • Waiting

  • Hilarious

  • You Complete Me

  • Evil Laughter

  • Heavy Breathing

  • Riddle Me This

  • Minion Excitement

  • Good For You

  • Kim Ugly Crying

  • Thank You

  • Fez Loves You

  • Despair

  • Bye

  • Nice

  • Agreed

  • Spill The Tea

  • You Don't Say?

  • Celebrations

  • No!

  • Angry

  • You Can't Be Serious

  • Disassociating

  • Sad Tears