Maren Morris disagrees with Dolly Parton’s recent statement that she doesn't belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Maren told us yesterday (3/22) in an interview for her new album Humble Quest, “I know Dolly just says that with her kinda rescinding her nomination with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that it inspired her to go make a rock record. I feel like Dolly Parton is rock and roll even without doing a rock record. I think she’s already rock and roll history to me in a lot of ways.”

She added, “I just don’t think of it in terms of hard-line classification anymore.”

As for her new album having a bit of a rock vibe on some songs, Morris says, “No matter what, if you’re listening to an album of mine, I feel really lucky that I get to put my roots in country music, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but I don’t have to go into the studio being like, ‘Alright We’re making a country record today, folks.’ Whatever comes out comes out, and I feel really fortunate that people just know they’re gonna get some weird s— from me, no matter what.”

Maren’s Humble Quest will be out this Friday (3/25).

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