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Tom Brady is coming back to the Bucs for another season. If you are looking to become a new season ticket holder you need to know about the Bucs new policy. If you want a season tickets for this season then the team will have you buy season tickets for the 2023 season as well. Yes, if you are a new season ticket holder, you must purchase season tickets for a minimum of two seasons.

Bucs new season ticket holders can purchase them when they go on sale this Wednesday, March 23 at 9:25 a.m.

The Bucs also announced one more thing regarding tickets. They are requiring anyone who wants to buy tickets in the lower bowl of Raymond James Stadium to provide a valid Florida ID. The ID much match the name on the account and present it 48 hours before purchase. They want the majority of the lower bowl of the stadium to filled with Bucs fans.

Bucs Chief Operating Officer Brian Ford said in a statement, “One of our primary objectives as we go into each season is finding ways to create the best homefield advantage for our team. We want to provide loyal Buccaneers fans with the best opportunity to purchase the very limited number of seats that are available. We pride ourselves on delivering the best gameday experience in the league and our fans are essential to that success. These additional ticket policies, as well as providing our no-interest 24 month payment plan, have been put into place to ensure that our true fans have the best options available for season pass memberships.”



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